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The North Carolina Writers' Network

Updated: Feb 1

I'd like to give a quick shout-out to this amazing organization which—among many other valuable services—offers a critiquing and editing service for writers of all stripes (essayists, poets, fiction writers, screenwriters).

I've used this service a few times for short stories that felt a little "off." When I'm having trouble with dialogue, or I'm getting bogged down in heavy passages of description, or I've tangled my characters in too much back-story, or I need an authenticity check-up, I can ask for help from an experienced editor with a sharp pen.

NCWN also hosts many writing conferences and classes, and managed to keep everyone going during the pandemic—a major accomplishment, given the turmoil and isolation we all experienced. This is a wonderful group of dedicated people who support the literary arts throughout the state.

Fellow writers, take a look:

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